Dry Eye and Computer Vision Syndrome

Who Is Affected By Computer Vision Syndrome? (CVS)

Studies prove that 88% of Computer users in a work place suffer from computer eyestrain. Prolonged computer use can stress one’s eyes and impact his or her vision development.

What Are The Symptoms Of CVS?

If you or your child spend more than two hours each day in front of a computer screen, you are likely to Experience Some Degree of Computer Vision Syndrome or Dry Eyes.

– Headaches

– Loss of focus

– Burning / tired vision

– Double / blurred vision

– Neck and shoulder pains

What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

The main reason behind the Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) is due to the time spent on the computer screens for a very long time. CVS is one of the reasons for developing dry eyes. Every work activity is made digital and it makes every individual look on the bright screen for more than 10 hours. The daily digital routine makes people spend most of their work time on computer screens. Computer screens are so bright and the different colours with ranging density and pixel intensity make the normal eye to get a deficit. The eyes start to deviate its vision towards the objects. Continuous exposure to computer screens results in red eyes, high tiredness and tear loss. CVS can be cured with medications and normal physical practices. Computer Vision Syndrome does not result in serious eye complications. The Eye Foundation simplifies the pain on CVS patients through reliable medications at an affordable cost without affecting the individual work activities.