Awarded Gold Medal for exemplery
work done in Opthalmology by
Intracular Implant and Refractive Society of India.

Post P.G. Fellowship for Advanced
Cataract Surgery from St. Martin Hospital,
Koblenz, Germany.

Fellowship training in
Squint and Pediatric
Ophthalmology at R.P.
Centerfor Ophthalmic Sciences
AIIMS, New Delhi.

Consultant Eye Surgeon at
World's Renowned , Asia's Largest
Eye Hospital at Sitapur [U.P.].






"Oculoplastics, or oculoplastic surgery, includes a wide variety of surgical procedures that deal with the orbit (eye socket), eyelids, tear ducts, and the face."


*Cosmetic Correction:
Baggy eyelids,
                                      Drooping Eyebrows,
                                      Skin Pigmentation,Acne.


           *Watery eyes
           *Dry eyes

           *Protruding eyes
           *Fractures and facial trauma
*Drooping eyelids
*Inturned / everted eyelids
*Inturned eyelashes
*Lid tumors and other masses
  • Dry eye screening test done by applying special strips in both eyes for 5 mins. These strips measure the amount of tear production by the eyes.

  • Clinical examination- Full thorough examination of the patient is done.

  • Diplopia charting- It is done in patients who have complaints of double vision. It is done by putting on red green goggles and looking at a beam of light in different directions. It helps to find the reason for double vision.

  • Hess charting- This test takes about 5 mins. It is done using a special screen, and helps to find out which muscle is at fault in cases with muscle paralysis and double vision.

  • Forced duction test- it is done after putting anesthetic drops in patients eyes. Using forceps eye is moved in different directions to find out if movement of eye is restricted because muscle is paralysed or because it is stuck somewhere in patients with restricted movements of eyes and double vision after trauma to the eye.

  • Exophthalmometer - It is a special instrument that is used in patients with protruding or prominent eyes, eg. thyroid patients. Procedure takes about 2 mins, and tells us if the eyes are actually protruding or is it normal.

  • Autoperimetry- This is a special procedure which takes about 15 mins, and is done using a machine which flashes light and patient has to click a button if he sees light. It tests the field of vision of patients eye.

  • Ptosis evaluation It is done in patients with drooping eyelids. A thorough examination is done using a series of tests to find out the best treatment modality for the patient.



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