Awarded Gold Medal for exemplery
work done in Opthalmology by
Intracular Implant and Refractive Society of India.

Post P.G. Fellowship for Advanced
Cataract Surgery from St. Martin Hospital,
Koblenz, Germany.

Fellowship training in
Squint and Pediatric
Ophthalmology at R.P.
Centerfor Ophthalmic Sciences
AIIMS, New Delhi.

Consultant Eye Surgeon at
World's Renowned , Asia's Largest
Eye Hospital at Sitapur [U.P.].





              "Screening for diabetic retinopathy is important for individuals having diabetes of five years or more duration. It can destroy the vision silently over a period of time. Hypertensive retinopathy can affect the eye quietly or can present as loss of vision with sudden onset."


Age related retinopathies
Crucial areas of the retina can get affected during the old age. Generally the disease affects the people with age more than 50. Vision loss is generally slow and progressive. In few unfortunate.

Retinal detachment management Retinal detachment generally happens in people with minus power glasses. It can also happen secondary to trauma, complicated surgery, other vascular retinopathies, some genetic disorders, pediatric retinopathies etc. This is a surgical problem requiring scleral buckling or vitrectomy with/without gas or silicon oil injection.

Cataract complications management Vision threatening complications of the cataract surgery like dropped nucleus, dropped IOL or endophthalmitis require retinal surgery to restore the vision.

State of the art medical management of various retinal conditions

  • Periocular injections A simple injection given at the outermost layer of the eye ball to treat fluid collections at the crucial areas of the retina.

  • Intraocular injections The injection is given inside the eye. The procedure is done under all aseptic conditions under topical (drop) anesthesia.

  • Retinal lasers A 10 minute procedure done in OPD. Needs pupillary dilatation. Does not need any anesthesia. The defective areas on the retina are burned with the laser. Mainly used to treat vasular retinopathies

  • Laser for myopic retinopathies A 10 minute procedure to delimit the retinal breaks to prevent a serious complication called retinal detachment. Needs pupillary dilatation. Does not need any anesthesia.

  • Yag lasers for after cataracts A two minute no anesthesia procedure to clean the artificial lens implanted in the eye during an earlier cataract surgery.



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