Awarded Gold Medal for exemplery
work done in Opthalmology by
Intracular Implant and Refractive Society of India.

Post P.G. Fellowship for Advanced
Cataract Surgery from St. Martin Hospital,
Koblenz, Germany.

Fellowship training in
Squint and Pediatric
Ophthalmology at R.P.
Centerfor Ophthalmic Sciences
AIIMS, New Delhi.

Consultant Eye Surgeon at
World's Renowned , Asia's Largest
Eye Hospital at Sitapur [U.P.].







Dr.Harsh Vardhan Gupta, Eye Surgeon and Social activist, graduated in medicine followed by post graduate specialization in Ophthalmology and procured post P.G. fellowship training in Squint and Pediatric Ophthamology at R.P. Center at Ophthalmic Sciences  and Phacoemulsification from St.Martin Hospital, Koblenz, Germany.

He is the only Opthalmologist in the entire state and beyond providing services of the highest quality in the field of CATARACT(phaco), PEDIATRIC OPTHALMOLOGY AND SQUINT, REFRACTIVE SURGERY (LASIK LASER) and OCUOLOPLASTY. He has been  recognized and honored for his professional and management capabilities both at the state and national level.

His ultra modern hospital "OM NETRA KENDRA AND LASER VISION" is  the premium Eye Care Center in CENTRAL INDIA.

"OM NETRA KENDRA AND LASER VISION" provides services in all specialties of Ophthalmology with its surgeons having vast surgical experience and expertise. While graduating from the medical school, we vowed to bring smiles back on the faces of suffering humanity.We are pioneers of the latest technology and implantation of multifocal IOLs, which enables our patients a life free of glasses after surgery.

Majority of cataract surgeries at "OM NETRA KENDRA AND LASER VISION"  do not require injection for anesthesia and are safely performed after just few drops for anesthesia. Lasik and refractive lens exchange are our another major area of Specialization which enables permanent freedom from glasses.


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